September 6, 2020 Faith, Race, Grace & Place – 2 Rev. Dr. Martha M. Campbell

Posted on September 6, 2020 @ 12:53 pm
Imre Szilas has returned from vacation. For the Prelude he plays “Crown Him, Lord of All” by Van Thompson and “Toccata” and Dennis Eliot for the Postlude. For the Anthem Imre plays a new composition: “Old Church on the Prairie.”
Following the welcome and prayer by Martha Campbell, we begin with “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot” an old spiritual that has been sung by many people..
At the time of our filming Twining Campbell shares the announcements and prayer concerns for:
Bill Loesch and his family at the death of his father; Dustin Paddock and his family at the death of his mother; and,
Lauren Clark had a death in her family.
Bruce Buegler is awaiting a date for major heart surgery,
People who have lost homes and work due to fires, floods, and explosions.
Since filming please add to your prayers:
Norm Lofland has been admitted to the hospital.
For joys – wedding anniversaries were celebrated this weekend: Terry and Linda Flach (54 years) and Martha and Twining Campbell (38 years).
Twining then leads us in a responsive reading.
This morning, Norm Haynes leads us in the prayer of Illumination and reads the scripture lesson Matthew 18:10-14 – the lost sheep.
Martha Campbell then preaches the sermon based on the faith needed of the sheep who is lost that the shepherd will find it as well as the faith of the 99 that the shepherd will return to take care of them.