August 15, 2021 Follow Jesus-3 Learn to See Everything Through the Lens of Love Rev. Dr. Martha M. Campbell

Posted on August 17, 2021 @ 8:13 pm

Today is the third in our series: Follow Jesus.  Our worship service this week will be both in-person and live streamed at 10:00, on our YouTube Channel: Westminster Presbyterian Church Pasadena, CA.

Here is the link for the service:

Rev. Dr. Twining Campbell welcomes the community to worship then Dr. Imre Szilas plays the Prelude: “Offertoire in C” by Louis Lefeburé-Wély.

After the Westminster Chimes, Pastor Twine leads the community in the Call to Worship and we join in singing the first verse of the Hymn No. 359: More Love to Thee, O Christ.”

Pastor Twine then shares the Announcements and we say Goodbye to Alexa Tango.  Alexa has been teaching our children in Sunday for five years and is moving to be closer to school.  

We share the Prayer concerns and Pastor Twine leads the congregation in prayer followed by The Lord’s Prayer.  As we try to “get back to normal” we pass the peace by Greeting Each Other in Place and waving to each other.  When we finish greeting each other we come back together to join in The Affirmation of Faith.

Imre Szilas presents the Anthem “Jesus Paid It All” by John T. Grape.  

Rev. Dr. Martha Campbell leads us in the Prayer of Dedication.  Pastor Martha then offers the Prayer of Illumination, the Bible reading from Luke 24:28-34 and presents the sermon: Follow Jesus: Learn to See Everything through the Lens of Love.  In this third sermon we discover that our daily challenge to grow more like Jesus means learning to see as Jesus saw.  Jesus looked at the two on the Road to Emmaus, and us, through a lens of love. 

The service closes with the Charge, Benediction and Imre Szilas playing the Postlude: “Fugue in C minor” by J.S. Bach on the Westminster pipe organ. 

Our services are filmed Amy Szilas, under the direction of Robert Smith and are available on our webpage ( and our Facebook and YouTube pages (Westminster Presbyterian Church, Pasadena, CA).