September 20, 2020 Faith, Race, Grace & Place – 4 Rev. Dr. Martha M. Campbell

Posted on September 20, 2020 @ 1:02 pm

For the prelude Imre Szilas plays “Jesus, Word of God” by W.A. Mozart and “Carillon,” by Louis Vierne, for the Postlude.  For the Anthem we have Roni Yadao accompanying herself as she sings “Amazing Grace.”

Following the welcome and prayer by Martha Campbell, we begin with “Steal Away” a spiritual from the 1830’s that was used by Nat Turner as a sign to share plans that were being made either to escape or to participate in in his rebellion.

The announcements and prayer concerns at the time of our filming (Sept. 13, 2020) :

  Robert and Dawn Smith who celebrated their first anniversary last Monday.
  Quinn Davis, (who sang for us in July,) and his family as his father had a severe stroke.
  Vickie, Wayne and Braden Fung were evacuated last week due to the Bobcat fire. 
  Those who mourn: Bill Loesch and his family at the death of his father;  Dustin Paddock and his family at the death of his mother; and, Lauren Clark had a death in her family.
  Those who are in the hospital and recovering for surgery as well as those awaiting surgery: Norm Lofland has returned home from the hospital and Bruce Buegler is awaiting a date for major heart surgery,
  People across the West struggling with fires and unhealthy air quality as well as those who have lost homes and work due to fires.

Twining Campbell then lead us in a responsive reading.

This morning the scripture lesson comes from Mark 12:28-31 – the Great Commandments.  

In our fourth service as part of our series: Faith, Race, Grace & Place, Martha Campbell opens her sermon by remembering Thurgood Marshall and his contributions to the Civil Rights movement both as an attorney and as the first black justice on the Supreme Court who worked to bring racial justice to our country.  In addition to justice we also need grace and we experience that grace through living the great commandments that enable us to live with and for one another.