March 15, 2020 The Third Sunday in Lent A Journey of Stones Rev. Dr. Twining F. Campbell

Posted on March 22, 2020 @ 9:34 pm

The Westminster Chimes call us to worship and the congregation joins in singing “Rock of Ages, Cleft for Me.”

Susan Sulak leads the congregation in the Prayer for Illumination and then reads the scripture lesson, John 8:1-11.

Then Rev. Dr. Martha Campbell invites the congregation to join in saying the Creed, leads the Prayers of the People then everyone joins in saying The Lord’s Prayer.

The Choir sings “Kyrie Eleison” written by Imre V. Szilas and accompanied by the Westminster Trio (Imre Szilas – piano, Bowie Bossendorfer – drums, Twining Campbell – bass guitar).

Rev. Dr. Twining Campbell presents the sermon on stones that are dropped before being cast at the woman caught in adultery.  We regret that we are similar to the Pharisees as a group but to the woman as individuals but Jesus loves us and defends us, no mater what.  Then he closes with the Charge and Benediction.

The service concludes with Dr. Imre Szilas playing, “Ciaconna in F minor” by Johann Pachelbel on the Westminster pipe organ.