March 14, 2021 The Fourth Sunday in Lent The Art of Forgiveness – 4 Rev. Dr. Twining F. Campbell

Posted on March 14, 2021 @ 3:52 pm
Here is the link for this weeks service:
The Westminster Online Community gathers on this Fourth Sunday in the Season of Lent to celebrate our connection with brothers and sisters all across our country.  As we come together with the Call to Worship and Prayer our souls are prepared as we listen to the Prelude: “God’s Time Is Best” (cantata 106) by J.S. Bach – played by Dr. Imre Szilas, the Westminster Chimes and then sing together the fourth stanza of: “Lord, You Gave the Great Commission.”

Rev. Dr. Martha Campbell gave the announcements:
1) About the Mobile Dental Clinic sponsored by Young & Healthy and USC in our parking lot
2) Supporting All Saints Church Foster Care Project with Easter Basket items

    We are collecting the following items for School Age Kids:
Goldfish crackers   granola bars  Hot Wheels  small books 

coloring books and crayons  stickers     card games (Uno, Go Fish, Crazy Eights)

word game booklets small stuffed animals  shampoo  and conditioner

toothpaste and toothbrushes   and, body wash.

3) Finding housing for Sang Seop Jo, a friend of the church, after he and his sister had to close their store after 30 years and are now homeless.

Then Pastor Martha shared the prayer concerns and led us in prayer closing with us all uniting in the Lord’s Prayer.  

Following a brief musical interlude we join in the Litany of Forgiveness as we are led by both Pastor Martha and Pastor Twine which leads us into the Anthem: “Jesus Walked This Lonesome Valley” featuring the vocalist Quinn Davis and accompanied by Dr. Szilas.  

Rev. Dr. Twining Campbell leads the community in the Prayer of Illumination and then reads the lesson:  Luke 23:32-43.  As we continue our series, The Art of Forgiveness, we come to one of the key practices of Lent – repentance which means be willing to change your mind.  Comparing the two thieves who died with Jesus we see that one wanted Jesus to do something for him and then leave him alone.  The other was the last person to witness to who Christ was while he was still alive, practiced repentance and experienced restoration.

The service ends with Pastor Twine pronouncing the Charge and Benediction and concludes with the Postlude: “Concerto in D minor” (movement 1) by Antonio Vivaldi and J.S. Bach played by Dr. Imre Szilas on the Westminster pipe organ.

Our services are filmed by Robert Smith, who has resumed working and we are very grateful that he still makes time to come to the church and film us.  Our services and are available on our website ( and our Facebook and YouTube pages (Westminster Presbyterian Church, Pasadena, CA).