June 14, 2020 Windows of Westminster-2 Rev. Dr. Martha Campbell

Posted on June 14, 2020 @ 1:29 pm

In our service today, Dawn Smith, begins a series of presentations on the history of Westminster.  Did you know, Today is our 112th birthday?  Dawn found that our first service was June 14th, 1908.  Dawn will share some amazing history of our church that inspires to continue to serve our God and our community today and in the future.

Imre Szilas begins the service with “Where Shall I Flee from the Presence of the Lord” by JS Bach and the Postlude is with “Prelude and Fugue in D” by George Frideric Handel.  The anthem,“Psalm 150” written by Imre, features Norm Haynes singing the opening and then the Westminster Trio (Imre on piano and synthisizers, Bowie Bossendorfer on drums, and I play bass guitar).

Norm Haynes is reading the Scripture for us from Genesis 17:1-7 and 18:9-15 about Abraham and Sarah.

Today we continue our series, Windows of Westminster, as Martha reflects on the Abraham and Sarah windows.  We often forget that Abraham and Sarah didn’t always believe that God could do what had been promised.  At the same time they remain open and welcoming to all people and show us that hospitality is an expression of love and fellowship.

I hope that you will watch to the end and the Memoriam of those who have died in the last weeks.