February 28, 2021 The Second Sunday in Lent – The Art of Forgiveness – 2 Rev. Dr. Twining Campbell

Posted on March 7, 2021 @ 1:45 pm

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As we come together with the Call to Worship and Prayer our souls are prepared as we listen to the Prelude: “Cantabile” – from Religious Meditations by Louis Lefeburé-Wély – played by Dr. Imre Szilas, the Westminster Chimes and then we sing together: “Just As I Am, Without One Plea.”

Rev. Dr. Martha Campbell shares the announcements and prayer concerns: the primary concern is praying for the families and friends of the half-a-million people who have died from Covid in our country and three times that amount around the world.  We end our prayers by uniting in the Lord’s Prayer.  

Following a brief musical interlude we join in the Litany of Forgiveness as we are led by both Pastor Martha and Pastor Twine which leads us into the Anthem: “I’ve Just Come from the Fountain” a spiritual arranged by Dr. Szilas.  

Rev. Dr. Twining Campbell leads the community in the Prayer of Illumination and then reads the lesson:  Psalm 51:1-17.  Using the most intimate psalm in the psalter as the example, Pastor Twine offers the second part of our Lenten Series: The Art of Forgiveness.  It is amazing to think of David as “a man after God’s own heart” and see all the mistakes he made.  But David took responsibility for his actions, received forgiveness and remained “a man after God’s own heart.”  We are “men and women after God’s own heart” and we make mistakes but we struggle to find forgiveness – David shows us what is required and shows us the way.

The Charge and Benediction are pronounced and the service closes with the Postlude: “Hymns” by Franz Liszt played by Dr. Imre Szilas on the Westminster pipe organ.
For 11 months and two weeks now, our services have been filmed by Robert Smith.  We are very grateful for his time and energy but are inspired by his desire to see our church community grow and expand.  Robert makes it possible for people across our country to be part of our community as we worship our Lord together. 

Westminster’s services are available on our website (WPCPas.org) and our Facebook and YouTube pages (Westminster Presbyterian Church, Pasadena, CA).  If you know someone who would like to receive the link directly via email – please let me know.