April 4, 2021 Easter Day The Rev. Dr. Martha M. Campbell

Posted on April 11, 2021 @ 1:06 pm
So our service is one of joyous celebration not only as we celebrate the resurrection but also the baptism of Susan and Gregg Sulak’s children – Grace and Brendan.
Here is the link for our service this morning:

Pastor Martha Campbell welcomes everyone and then leads us in the call to worship the Dr. Imre Szilas plays “Easter Prelude” by Richard Wagner so we may be filled with anticipation of the day.  

After the Westminster Chimes we join in the celebration by singing: “Jesus Christ Is Risen Today.”

Pastor Twining Campbell shares the announcements and prayer concerns then leads the community in the Prayers of the People and the Lord’s Prayer.  Then, following a musical interlude, he leads us in the Easter Affirmation.

The entire Westminster Community gathers so we all may celebrate the Sacrament of Baptism as we witness and participate in the Baptism Brendan and Grace Sulak the children of Susan and Gregg Sulak and welcome them into the family of God and our congregation.  Our ZOOM meeting of the Vow of the Congregation is included in this service.

The Anthem, “Allelujah!”, is an original composition by Dr. Imre Szilas and is performed by a women’s trio (Edit Vukovich, Andrea Kubanyi, and Melitta Szegeczky) singing his work written to celebrate Easter morning at the St. Lipót Church in Budapest Hungary.   The ability to share these recordings is such a blessing and we are all very grateful, again, for our connection through the internet.

Pastor Martha leads the community in the Prayer of Illumination and reads the scripture lesson – John 20:1-18 then preaches the sermon and demonstrates that Easter comes at different times – but always arrives when we hear Christ’s call and answer him.  

The service closes with the Charge and Benediction and Dr. Imre Szilas playing the postlude: “Easter Fanfare” by Nicolas Lemmens.